Foxgloves & Poppies

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About Foxgloves & Poppies

The challenge set by a mother, artist, photographer and experimental gardener.


Following the gardening year, with a middle aged mum, who has discovered the delights of growing plants from seed, of nurturing colour and texture and creating a beautiful environment for her son and husband.


It's all one big experiment - what will grow?  what will the baby bunnies eat?  Will the sheep in the field next door escape and raid the borders (I hope not!)


A biologist by training with a love of mindfulness, colour and nature.  The escape from the London traffic in 1997 eventually led to living the Good Life and acting out the pages of Country Living in a cottage a few miles from the Northumberland National Park at the base of the Cheviot Hills.


The hills are a mile in one direction, the sea is a short drive away.  We have Castles and Curlews.


Its a wonderful life.






B House 28 Jul 2013 16-058 B House Garden 17 Jul 2013 12-027 moo postcard front